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Copyright and Legality

All works of Dasein Photo are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced, edited, published or otherwise disseminated without written consent.

I may be identified for copyright purposes as Dasein Photo, Dasein Photography, SimonB or Simon Bullough.

I assert my moral rights to be identified as the author of my works.

Publication of my works by me on this site or any other whether under my direct control or not does not constitute permission to reproduce them in any form and no such permission should be implied.

I may from time to time allow a licence to reproduce my work for which no consideration has passed between myself and the person or legal entity to which a licence has been granted. Such circumstance does not constitute permission or licence for further reproduction and no such should be implied.

Penalty for infringement of my copyright is set at £1200 per image plus the standard fee per image for the publication or media in which the infringement occurred. Where no such standard is in force then the rates set out by the National Union of Journalists shall apply.

Any disputes will fall under the jurisdiction of English Civil Law.

This site is compliant with United Kingdom Law but may not comply with the law in the country in which you are viewing it. Where this is the case compliance with local law is the responsibility of the viewer.

Other than where the inclusion of the image of an actual person is incidental or where the person had no reasonable expectation of privacy:

-- Relevant release forms are on file.

-- The person photographed was over 18 or if a minor parental consent was obtained.

-- Where required by the content of the photograph proof of age is on file.

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